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Copia Arms "New Money" Investors with Insights & Confidence

65% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families are self-made.

These are hard-working entrepreneurs, business drives, and frontier craftspeople - many of whom lack a traditional background. They recognize the importance of leveling up their systems and are used to polished, consumer-grade technology.


Patron Profile

Jonathan is a 40-year-old entrepreneur that recently had a 30M+ liquidity event. He's married with 2 young daughters and is part of a growing number of "new money" success stories. He wants to impact the world and start new things.

Like many new money investors, spreadsheets are his source of truth in understanding his portfolio. He knows there must be a more efficient way. Still, he's not sure what represents the ideal solution as nothing in the market speaks to his situation. He wonders why wealth tech hasn't caught up to consumer tech in terms of user experience.

  • He wants a solution that can pull data and report in real-time.
  • His most significant investment class is private equity.

  • He's an avid art collector and wants to have his collection represented in his reporting.

  • Above all, he wants his time back, with fewer errors.

  • He wishes a solution would give him automated insights.
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The Copia Journey

Jonathan's journey is not unusual. Within the first two weeks of onboarding, Copia:

“I used to use Google Sheets. I spent so much time tweaking, but it was always out of sync with reality. Copia gives me a clean take. I love that my family can now get involved with our business; it just wasn't possible before.”
Jonathan K.


Success Metrics

Success is defined differently by every Patron. For Jonathan, success looks like:

Liquidity - Cash
Cleaning Up His Portfolio
Liquidated some private equity assets after deep portfolio analysis.
Art Gallery
Tracking His Art Collection
Confidently tracking his art collection alongside other alternatives.
Family Meeting
More Structured Family Meetings
Hosting monthly family meetings that work more like a business partnership.

Discover What Success Looks Like For You 

Copia helps investors and wealth owners be more effective stewards of capital. Get in touch and we'll show you how to increase confidence and reduce errors.

Fine Print

Our Patrons come from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and family configurations. Many experience similar challenges managing their wealth. We submit that our case studies are reflective of a typical user and their situation. Due to our patrons' highly confidential nature, we've chosen to fictionalize details about accounts, names, marriage status, and net worth.