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Adventure is worthwhile.

We're seeking talented individuals in engineering, design, sales, marketing, compliance, and business development to join us in mapping uncharted waters.

"Don’t hire the most qualified, hire the most craziest." - Jack MA

Are You a Copian?

We have but four core values that we believe make the ideal team member.


Be Humble

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."
-C. S. Lewis

Be Humane

"Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection."
- Florence Nightingale

Be Hungry

“A hungry wolf is bound to wage a hard battle.”
 - Laxdaela Saga

Be Holistic

"Nature does not compartmentalize. Its instinct is integrative and holistic.
- Ram Nath Kovind

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